lunes, 2 de junio de 2008

Have You Ever ?

I've never seen JM, but i really want to do it.
I've already seen Mana, they are the Best!!

jueves, 29 de mayo de 2008


They are Neska and Nana (Ivaneska and Ivanna)
Neska has 16 years old, she has blue eyes and is very pretty, she is a good friend. She is still in middle school. She likes to party and go to discos.
Nana has 19 years old she es very pretty, she has light brown eyes. She studies in URBE. Her sister is Neska. She likes to party too.
They always paint her hair and always are good dressed.
We are friends since middle school.


Hi! My name is Francisco Rangel, im 18 years old.
People call me Bugsy since first grade.
Im a polite person , im funny and i love to hang out with my friends.
I live in Maracaibo, i study public accounting in URBE.
I really like to eat and music is my life!

martes, 27 de mayo de 2008

Welcome To My Blog!

New Blog!

New Blog!